anarchy's offspring : an interview with bomb20 David Skiba doesn't want to be your role model. He doesn't want to be your teen idol. He doesn't want his face on a million magazines. He just wants to make his music and spread his message. David Skiba,better known as Bomb20 is a digital hardcore DJ signed to Alec Empire's Berlin-based Digital Hardcore Recordings label. Alec and the rest of the DHR gang are full-blood anarchists,their motto--"FUCK THE SYSTEM!",the entire meltdown of the government and their control over the people. The trademark brand of aggression-fueled noise-gabba,known as "digital hardcore" was spawned by Alec and his labelmates. DHR boasts plenty of artists preaching the anarchist message and setting the turntables on fire with their scratches and breakbeats. 18-year-old DJ prodigy Bomb20 is fairly new to the scene but already has a definitive grasp on success (with a new album,"Field Manual" and his own record label,"Less Then Twenty") more so overseas then here in the states. But,the message is spreading. The revolution is taking over and people are igniting to the new sound. Bomb20 sat down with us to talk about everything from his break into success to his opinion of trendy ravers.

GREY : Hey there. Let's start things off here by you telling us how exactly you got noticed by Digital Hardcore Recordings?

BOMB20 : I was making music and gave demos to everyone. Everyone told me that I should go to Alec Empire's label so I sent him a demo and he told me bomb20that he'll release it...

G : So,do you communicate with Alec and the rest of the labelmates much?

B : I'm friends with some acts...I don't communicate much with Alec.

G : Have any up and coming DHR news to inform us of? I heard mentions of Nic and Hanin from Atari Teenage Riot going solo...

B : Yeah,they release stuff on this new sub-label,"Fatal". There is another release on MY label,"Less Then Twenty"'s by this kid by the name of Nitro.

G : On your new album "Field Manual" you start each track with pieced-together sound clips. How the hell do you find all those?

B : I sample every movie I watch and I watch ALOT of movies. I have an archive and a good memory of what I've already sampled...then I put everything together.

G : What equipment do you use for all this? And how exactly did you get started?

B : I use a sampler and a computer. I started my career when I decided to drop out of school and decided to get real...

Bomb20 Ear Candy
get realaudio now dammit
"Burn The Shit Down!"
"Just Came Close"
Excerpts from Bomb20's debut LP,"Field Manual"
G : I see,but despite that--don't you feel you're a role model somewhat because you're so young and achieving so much?

B : I've never been asked something like that before and it scares me...

G : *laughs* Alright,new subject. In your CD "Field Manual" you have a 7-page booklet of your extremist anarchist ideas. How did you come about all this way of thinking?

B : It's what I think...It's what I found out how the world works out and what I decided to do about it.

G : Interesting,I recommend every out there to get Bomb20's CD...if not for the music,then to read the booklet. Alec,the founder of DHR has a motto--"Fuck the trendy ravers". Do you share his way of thinking?

B : I think the whole "trendy ravers" thing is kinda over...Alec said that a long time ago.

bomb20G : What do YOU like to listen to?

B : Mash out posse!!!! And Madonna!!!

G : *laughs* Interesting,very interesting. So,where are you touring right now and what's coming up in the future for you?

B : Right now,I just ended my Europe tour [with Atari Teenage Riot and Shizuo]...Then,I'll probably tour Australia,maybe go to play at a festival in France,and then go back to Berlin to stay at home for the rest of the year training millenium paranoia and producing the new Bomb20 album...

G : Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you. Have fun. I wish you the best of luck in everything.

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